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What does Rheinmainflug offer you?

I am passionate about Rheinmainflug and can promise you that you will have an unforgettable experience with me. My incentive to provide the best possible customer service is always very high. If you have any questions, just get in touch.
Rheinmainflug offers you unforgettable sightseeing flights and special flight experiences according to your wishes (included daytrips).

All offers include a briefing prior the flight and digital pictures are taken during the experience and delivered digitally free of charge.

You will find pre-planned scenic flights from Mainz Finthen and scenic flights from Aschaffenburg Großostheim as well as special offers and experiences like cross-country flights in the special offers area and unforgettable daytrips.

If you have any further questions or like to fly relaxed in the air taxi from Aschaffenburg or Mainz to your desired destination ( within Germany ), do not hesitate to contact me.

see you soon

Frank Cosari

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Please find some photos of our flight impressions below.

Blick aus dem Cockpit im Sonnenuntergang beim Rundflug
Frank Cosari, Ihr zuverlässiger Pilot von
Der Main bei Miltenberg während dem Rundflug mit Rheinmainflug
Blick ins Rheintal in der Nähe der Loreley
Wolkenhimmel während dem Rundflug


Frank Cosari
Dürerstraße 1
65439 Flörsheim am Main

Flugplatz Mainz-Finthen

Am Finther Wald 5842
55126 Mainz
49° 58' 7" N , 8° 8' 53" O

Flugplatz Aschaffenburg-Großostheim

Babenhäuser Str. 70
63762 Großostheim
49° 56' 20" N, 9° 3' 45" O